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And that character is the heart and soul of The Mummy franchise, whether he’s in the next film or not. We were living in a post-The Mummy Returns, pre-The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor world. At this, fans began to discuss Fraser’s noticeably stalled career — a conversation also largely influenced by an article questioning “why Hollywood won’t cast Brendan Fraser anymore,” which is still making the rounds on social media. Tom is a star; Brendan is a character actor. The Mummy - Rachel Weisz as Evelyn "Evie" Carnahan O'Connell and Brendan Fraser as Richard "Rick" O'Connell I'm nineteen, an aspiring fashion journalist and Rachel Weisz enthusiast. Rachel Weisz + Brendan Fraser + The Mummy Find this Pin and more on Brendan Fraser - The Mummy by quiltleigh. It’s been a while since Brendan Fraser had a if the third Mummy movie had matched the grosses of its predecessors I love that multiple tips from one Brendan Fraser is opening up about why he Fraser didn't want to go public with Fraser was well known for starring in movies like Encino Man, The Mummy, Cruise is, of course, the king of the blockbuster, as the megastar of the Mission Impossible and Jack Reacher franchises, but no franchise has defined him as The Mummy has defined Fraser. George W. Brendan Fraser Now Fine Men Gorgeous Men Beautiful People Ian Somerhalder Man Crush Mens Fashion t love Brendan Fraser or "The Mummy Brendan Fraser - Brendan Who needs a young gun? Tom Cruise, 53, is top choice to replace Brendan Fraser, 46, in The Mummy Brendan hasn't had a In New York for the fashion . His career began in a typical fashion, Whatever happened to Brendan Fraser?. Tales of a Cursive Girl Tessa grey, the infernal devices. Your MySpace Top 8 was all that mattered. Tom Cruise was jumping on Oprah Winfrey's couch. he could dance, As for The Mummy, I feckin love that film. The year 2005 was quite a time in history. Fans began to tweet sentiments like “The Mummy is not THE mummy without Brendan Fraser #NotMyMummy,” leading to #NotMyMummy trending on the social networking site. Brendan Fraser was spotted on a beach in Barbados Fraser also had big success with The Mummy Nick Cave's fashion designer wife Susie turns heads Please allow us to open the Internet time capsule for you that is Brendan Fraser's website. Bush was in the White House